Why Connected Leaders Win

Why Connected Leaders Win - Expand Your Zone Podcast with Zachary Ames - Dr Michelle K Johnston - The Seismic Shift in Leadership

When you command and control you often end up with neither.

Leadership styles differ but one of the longest-running and popular choices has been command and control, which the former Bnet.com once defined as a style of leadership that uses standards, procedures, and output statistics to regulate the organization. A command and control approach to leadership is authoritative in nature and uses a top-down approach, which fits well in bureaucratic organizations in which privilege and power are vested in senior management. It is founded on, and emphasizes a distinction between, executives on the one hand and workers on the other.

While this style has been the status quo for a while now, there has been a shift away from it. “Command and control” no longer fits modern society. People have evolved their ways of thinking and are unafraid to voice their wants and needs. People want more out of life than being drones. They want connection. That’s why these days connected leaders win.

Today’s society has shifted to making connections. People desire the opportunity to become a part of something beyond themselves and create connections with those around them to gain a fuller purpose. In turn, connection drives long-lasting results.

In this episode of Expand Your Zone with Zachary Ames, Dr. Michelle K. Johnston discusses her book The Seismic Shift in Leadership, why connected leaders win, and how to increase your connection with yourself, others, and companies.

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