‘The Seismic Shift in Leadership’ by Dr. Michelle K. Johnston Launches 2/22, Available Now for Pre-Order

The Seismic Shift

In my years serving as an executive coach and business professor, I’ve observed and researched the necessary characteristics for leaders to be successful.

Guess what I’ve learned? The old model of command and control and leading with authority no longer work.

A leader’s new power lies in his or her ability to CONNECT.

Whether you’re the coach of a sports team, a nonprofit executive, the president of your family’s business, or leading a Fortune 500 company, you need to figure out how to meaningfully connect with your people.

My book, The Seismic Shift in Leadership, offers concrete strategies, derived from 18 successful executives, on how to connect in this crazy, new world of work.

The Seismic Shift in Leadership is available for pre-order now but officially launches on February 22.

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