The Missing Piece of Leadership

I just had the true pleasure of delivering a keynote presentation to Securities America’s annual conference. I spoke to their team of Super Women on The Missing Piece of Leadership. After watching their faces light up after owning their stories and finding a connection with each other, here is my call to action to all of you:

  • Give yourself permission to take time to work on your story. Make sure it’s working for you and not against you. Tweak it. Practice it. Own it.
  • Give yourself permission to show your authentic self. Even if your laugh is loud, laugh out loud.
  • Give yourself permission to reach out, find common ground, build bridges. With initial discomfort comes comfort and growth.

Cx (Connection) = Intra (owning your story) + Inter (finding a connection with one another) + Org (building bridges across the organization). Connection is the essence of life. What kind of communicator are you?

See my presentation, The Missing Piece of Leadership, by clicking on the video.