The Leaders of the Future Create Connection

The Leaders of the Future Create Connection - Dr. Michelle K. Johnston, The Daily Helping podcast with Dr. Richard Shuster

It all starts with you.

That statement sounds counterintuitive because we’re talking about meaningful connection with others, but in order to have the kind of relationship you need to be an effective leader you must first have a meaningful one with yourself.

But how do you get started? Connection starts with yourself. You have to own your story, your journey, and the events that made you who you are today. And you can’t hide any of it. Misguided leaders try and appear perfect, but that only leads to them putting up a wall around parts of themselves and severing any chance at connection. Perfection doesn’t work, it creates cultures of fear. We need cultures of connection.

It’s time to reinvent your leadership with a focus on connection because if you don’t do it now, you’re going to get left behind.

In this episode of The Daily Helping hosted by Dr. Richard Shuster, Dr. Michelle K. Johnston, author of The Seismic Shift in Leadership, discusses how you can connect with yourself to better connect with others while driving results, well-being, productivity, innovation, and financial performance.

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Dr. Richard Shuster is a clinical psychologist, CEO of Your Success Insights, a psychological assessment company, and host of the The Daily Helping Podcast., aiming to help individuals, corporations, and athletes achieve peak performance through our digital assessment systems. He is also founder of Every Kids Rocks a non-profit that helps students reach their full potential.