The Game Changers Experience: Examining The Seismic Shift in Leadership

How do you lead during these difficult times?

• Show up authentically
• Give up perfection
• Treat your people with compassion and kindness
• Listen more than you talk.
• Own your operating Rhythm.

These were some of the topics Adam Strong and I talked about on his podcast, “The Game Changers.”

If you are a leader, you have felt the shifting ground below you for some time now. The way the world operates is frequently in flux, so it’s up to you to study, integrate, and implement the lessons of the seismic shift in leadership.

In this episode, I interview Dr. Michelle Johnston, who shares what she has learned in her years as an executive coach: primarily that connection — with yourself, your team, and your organization — is the key to a leader’s success.

Value bombs from this episode:

• What “seismic shift in leadership” means
• Learn between connection and communication
• Discover where leaders get it wrong
• How leaders can use connection to retain their best employees and attract top talent
• Discover how connection can be used in a hybrid way of working

Listen to the recent The Game Changers Experience hosted by Adam Strong to find out more.