The Seismic Shift with Dr. Michelle Johnston season 2 launches.
The highly anticipated Season 2 of The Seismic Shift with Dr. Michelle Johnston has arrived, promising a deep dive into the realms of connected leadership. In each episode, we’ll unravel the intricacies of fostering environments where individuals are not just acknowledged but celebrated for their unique contributions. Join us as we navigate through real-life examples,...
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The Importance of Being Yourself- A CEO's Journey to Authentic Leadership - Dr Michelle K Johnston, executive coaching
One of the greatest pleasures of executive coaching is seeing your clients achieve their goals and reach new heights of success. For me, Pete November, the CEO of Ochsner Health, has been one of those success stories. Seven years ago, when Pete first joined the E-team at Ochsner, one of my first tasks was to...
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How Leading with Connection Drives Results with Pete November, CEO of Ochsner Health: Ep. 11 of The Seismic Shift Podcast with Michelle Johnston
Trying to lead without first making a connection is like riding a bike that’s missing tires, you’re not really going to get anywhere. Is there a different way to lead where you don’t have to be commanding, controlling,  and micromanaging with your people? The answer is Yes, yes, and absolutely yes! To wrap up Season...
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Leadership Listening - Dr. Michelle K. Johnston, management professor, executive coach, and leadership expert
Swift to hear, slow to speak I worked with an incredible group of leaders last week at Ochsner Health System. We were trying to deconstruct effective leadership listening skills. After much discussion, we realized that the necessary listening skills of organizations today go much further than the old command and control model of just making...
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