Leadership Now wit Dan Pontefract - The Seismic Shift in Leadership - Exploring Connection and Communication's Role - Dr. Michelle K. Johnston
Connection and communication are the keys. Being a leader today takes many qualities but at their core good, effective leaders have the ability to genuinely connect and communicate. People believe in and will fight for those who build sincere relationships grounded in authenticity. Seismic shifts can be jarring for some. It’s a break from the...
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The Leaders of the Future Create Connection - Dr. Michelle K. Johnston, The Daily Helping podcast with Dr. Richard Shuster
It all starts with you. That statement sounds counterintuitive because we’re talking about meaningful connection with others, but in order to have the kind of relationship you need to be an effective leader you must first have a meaningful one with yourself. But how do you get started? Connection starts with yourself. You have to...
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It’s All About Connection – The Key to Achieving Success - Dr. Michelle Johnston - The Faces of Business - Damon Pistulka - Exit Your Way
Success sometimes can seem random, but there are key elements that form its foundation no matter how it comes about. In this episode of The Faces of Business, Michelle Johnston Ph.D., Gaston Chair of Business, Loyola University New Orleans College of Business, executive coach, and author, will be sharing her experience as an executive coach...
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Create a Culture for Innovation and Disruption - Dr. Michelle K. Johnston, management professor, executive coach, and leadership expert
How do you create a culture that supports innovation and disruption? I think it takes a leader who is compassionate (empathetic + action-oriented) and who creates an environment of trust. The New York Times had a great article, Visionaries With the Courage to Change the World, that focused on courageous leadership. I wholeheartedly agree with its...
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