How To Become The Perfect Boss - Dr Michelle K Johnston
Perfection equals disconnection. Are you a perfectionist? Do you struggle to connect with your team? Despite any grandiose or deprecating thoughts we may hold of ourselves, the perfect boss does not exist. Never has, never will. Someone who appears to be perfect creates that aura by acutely observing, tuning in to, and showing keen interest...
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The Opposite of Small Talk hosted by Danielle McCombs and Kristy Olinger - Dr Michelle K Johnston - Leadership Connection
The first person you lead must be yourself. Author Joseph Lalonde says it’s hard to lead others when you’re not leading yourself. We have no actual control over others. We do have control of ourselves. In a large world that seemingly becomes smaller by the day thanks to technology, those in charge must find ways...
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Good Boss or Bad Boss? Which One are You? - Dr Steve Vargo & Dr Michelle K Johnston - Leadership
Every boss started as a worker — never forget where you come from. Imagine all of the bosses you’ve had throughout your life. Which ones stand out to you the most, and why? While all of their styles and personalities may vary widely, there is only one ultimate characteristic that truly matters — were they...
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