Showing Care and Compassion with Hospitality Executive Robért LeBlanc

Showing Care and Compassion with Hospitality Executive Robért LeBlanc- Episode 4 of The Seismic Shift Podcast with Michelle Johnston

People come and people go; but what makes them stop and remember?

One of the most important things in life is how you treat others. It’s no surprise that an entire industry is built entirely around that idea. The hospitality industry is unique because its primary goal is to make people feel good about their decisions. The simple definition of hospitality is the friendly and generous reception and entertainment of guests, visitors, or strangers. However, it goes far beyond that.

Those who work professionally in the hospitality industry study and learn the best methods for genuinely connecting with people. Today, I speak with hospitality executive Robért LeBlanc about showing care and compassion.

Robért LeBlanc, Founder and CEO of LeBlanc + Smith, is a true servant leader who built his business around his people. “We want our team to enjoy themselves every day while learning and being really productive, and we want them to have joyful and balanced lives while doing so.” This mentality is not the norm in the hospitality industry, where burnout is high and quality of life is typically low. Listen to Robért talk about why he believes showing care and compassion is his main job as a leader.

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Episode 4