Own Your Story with Kenneth Polite, U.S. Assistant Attorney General

Every leader has their own story behind them, but do they truly own that same story? If we’re going to lead others through connection, we need to prioritize getting connected with ourselves first.

To shed light on this central tenet of connective leadership, Dr. Michelle K. Johnston is joined by US Assistant Attorney General, Kenneth Polite, Jr., who, having grown up in the highly incarcerated lower ninth ward of New Orleans and since risen through the ranks of the US justice system, is an unparalleled voice on the importance of understanding and owning where you came from in order to get where you, and the team you lead, want to go.

Kenneth A. Polite, Jr. serves as the Assistant Attorney General for the Criminal Division of the United States Department of Justice. In that capacity, Mr. Polite supervises the Division’s 600+ federal prosecutors who conduct investigations and prosecutions involving organized and transnational crime, gang violence, securities fraud, health care fraud, Foreign Corrupt Practices Act violations, public corruption, cybercrime, intellectual property theft, money laundering, Bank Secrecy Act violations, child exploitation, international narcotics trafficking, human rights violations, and other crimes, as well as matters involving international affairs and sensitive law enforcement techniques.

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