Listen to Lead with Boysie Bollinger, Chairman and CEO of Bollinger Enterprises

Listen to Lead with CEO Boysie Bollinger: Episode 5 of The Seismic Shift Podcast with Michelle Johnston

A leader says a lot when they listen.

Listening — truly hearing what someone has to say — is a critical component of leadership. By sharing your ear and not just your thoughts, you put those who look to you for guidance into a position to become active and engaged. Inspiring your employees can be difficult, but you have the unique opportunity to empower them by voicing their opinions and ideas. If you actually listen to your team, they will be more motivated to perform well and generate new ideas.

Today we have Boysie Bollinger on the podcast to talk about how to listen to lead. Do you believe that lower-level employees often have observations that higher-level leaders cannot see? Listen to learn and transform into a leader that listens!

Donald T. “Boysie” Bollinger is Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Bollinger Shipyards, Inc., a family-owned business established in 1946. Bollinger’s is a full-service marine construction and ship repair company headquartered in Lockport, Louisiana with 10 divisions in Louisiana and one in Texas. Bollinger serves on numerous Boards of Directors, including Chairman of the Board of First Bank and Trust. He also actively serves on the Board of Directors of the Signal Mutual Indemnity Association and the University Medical Center Management Corporation.

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Episode 5