Leadership Expert Dr. Michelle K. Johnston Reveals The Secrets to Meaningful Connection

The Secret to Meaningful Connection - HR Oxygen Podcast with Mack Munro featuring Dr Michelle K Johnston

Leaders who prioritize creating meaningful connection empower their teams to achieve greatness together and inspire a ripple effect of positive change.

I’ve seen many leaders who fail — not because they aren’t smart, tough, or hard-working, but because they rely entirely on the past instead of understanding and adapting to the present. After many years as an executive coach, I have found the one constant among leaders who fail was their inability to connect: to themselves, their team, or their organization. They did not or could not create meaningful connection.

Meaningful connection is critical in both business and life. There is a clear link between a team’s effective communication and its positive financial performance. As a management professor, executive coach, and leadership expert helping leaders all across the nation achieve results through meaningful connections, I have studied, researched, and experienced for years what it takes for a leader to be successful in this new era of collaboration and teamwork.

What once worked doesn’t always work, and adapting to your environment is the only way to be successful. By connecting with yourself and your team in different ways, you can drive results in this new era of meaningful connection.

How do you create meaningful connection?

In this episode of HR Oxygen with Mack Munro, Dr. Michelle K. Johnston, author of The Seismic Shift in Leadership, discusses what meaningful connection means, how it’s driving our world both societally and personally, and how you can achieve your own meaningful connections.

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Mack Munro is Founder and CEO of Boss Builders and is an experienced speaker, consultant, and coach who has worked with executive and management teams in companies of all types, sizes, and industries. He is the author of How to Be a Great Boss, Boss Talk, and five other business books. He holds a Master of Arts degree in Organizational Leadership from Chapman University and a Bachelor of Science degree in Health Care Management from Southern Illinois University He is a qualified facilitator of the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® and has also written and developed a number of personality and behavioral assessments and online tools.