Lead Yourself First, and Then Lead Others

The Opposite of Small Talk hosted by Danielle McCombs and Kristy Olinger - Dr Michelle K Johnston - Leadership Connection

The first person you lead must be yourself.

Author Joseph Lalonde says it’s hard to lead others when you’re not leading yourself. We have no actual control over others. We do have control of ourselves.

In a large world that seemingly becomes smaller by the day thanks to technology, those in charge must find ways that create and build opportunities. Today’s leaders need more than power and control to get the best from their teams; they need to connect.

In this episode of The Opposite of Small Talk hosted by Danielle McCombs and Kristy Olinger, Michelle K. Johnston shares powerful findings based on interviews with leaders around the globe that shows how leaders’ ability to connect with themselves, their teams, and their organizations defines their ultimate success—or failure.

It’s a seismic shift in how to lead… do you (or your boss) need a retrofit?