How to Create a Culture that Supports Innovation and Disruption

Visionaries With the Courage to Change the World
“Over centuries, these people have shared some important attributes: courage, daring, confidence and a stubborn devotion to an idea.” – New York Times article: Visionaries With the Courage to Change the World

How do you create a culture that supports innovation and disruption? I think it takes a leader who is compassionate (empathetic + action-oriented) and who creates an environment of trust.

The New York Times had a great article, Visionaries With the Courage to Change the World, that focused on courageous leadership. I wholeheartedly agree with its assessment that the mechanical model of the past produced hierarchies, rigid org charts, and leaders who controlled and directed. We all know that model doesn’t work anymore.

Today’s leaders must have the right mix of humility and confidence. They need to be leadership humble, but not too humble. Confident, but not too confident. They need to understand they don’t have all of the answers but are confident enough to take risks and assert themselves.

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And they must create an environment where people feel safe to express themselves, to be who they really are, to take risks. A leader who does these things gives people the freedom to CONNECT and INNOVATE.

Connection and Innovation: Music to my ears.