How Leading with Connection Drives Results with Pete November, CEO of Ochsner Health

How Leading with Connection Drives Results with Pete November, CEO of Ochsner Health: Ep. 11 of The Seismic Shift Podcast with Michelle Johnston

Trying to lead without first making a connection is like riding a bike that’s missing tires, you’re not really going to get anywhere.

Is there a different way to lead where you don’t have to be commanding, controlling,  and micromanaging with your people? The answer is Yes, yes, and absolutely yes!

To wrap up Season 1 of The Seismic Shift Podcast, I speak with Pete November, the new CEO of Ochsner Health, with 38,000 employees and physicians. As Pete’s coach, I had a front-row seat to observe his leadership in action. In this season finale, you’ll discover how Pete wholeheartedly believes that connection drives results. Pete shares specific tactics on how he creates environments that empower his people to thrive.

Pete November serves as the chief executive officer of Ochsner Health, Louisiana’s largest not-for-profit academic health system and its largest private employer. November was named CEO in 2022 after serving in numerous senior leadership positions within the organization since 2012. Instrumental in many of Ochsner’s recent milestones, November shepherded several significant partnerships, improving healthcare access for tens of thousands of community members across the region.

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Episode 11