Good Boss or Bad Boss: Which One are You?

Every boss started as a worker — never forget where you come from.

Imagine all of the bosses you’ve had throughout your life. Which ones stand out to you the most, and why? While all of their styles and personalities may vary widely, there is only one ultimate characteristic that truly matters — were they good bosses or bad bosses?

Leadership in the workplace has moved beyond the “command and control” style… or has it? Many leaders are still deploying outdated methods of leading their teams.

In a time where employees appear disengaged, turnover is high, and practice revenues are stagnant, it’s worth looking in the mirror and asking, “Am I the problem?” This interview may challenge many of your ideas about leadership, but if you’re willing to make some changes, the rewards for you and your team could be astounding.

On this episode of Eye Own a Business hosted by Dr. Steve Vargo, we discuss being a more effective leader.

Steve Vargo, OD, MBA is a 1998 graduate of Illinois College of Optometry. After working in a clinical optometric practice for several years, Dr. Vargo pursued his passion for practice management by earning his Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree from the University of Phoenix in 2008. A published author and speaker with 15 years of clinical experience, he serves as IDOC’s Optometric Practice Management Consultant and advises members in all areas of practice management and optometric office operations.