Dr. Michelle K. Johnston - Communicating your story
Communicating your story is incredibly important in today’s world — if you aren’t sharing your story, who will? This is why it’s critical that individuals know, understand, and hone their communication preferences. I recently had the pleasure of working with 40 leaders from around the world at the annual conference of the International Association of College Admission...
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International Association of College Admission Counseling - Dr. Michelle K. Johnston - The Power of You
There has never been a more important time for leadership and collaboration in education. If you are a mid-level professional (5-7 years’ experience), this Communicating Your Story: The Power of You session created and led by Dr. Michelle K. Johnston, Professor of Management, Loyola University in partnership with the International ACAC Professional Development Committee, represents an exciting...
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The Missing Piece of Leadership - Dr. Michelle K. Johnston, Leadership Coach, Management Professor & Keynote Speaker
I just had the true pleasure of delivering a keynote presentation to Securities America’s annual conference. I spoke to their team of Super Women on The Missing Piece of Leadership. After watching their faces light up after owning their stories and finding a connection with each other, here is my call to action to all of...
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Leadership Listening - Dr. Michelle K. Johnston
I worked with an incredible group of leaders last week at Ochsner Health System. We were trying to deconstruct effective leadership listening skills. After much discussion, we realized that the necessary listening skills of organizations today go much further than the old command and control model of just making sure you heard the message correctly...
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