Building Transparent Leadership Through Micro Courage with CB Bowman

The Seismic Shift Podcast Season 2, Episode 4 with CB Bowman

Courage is not always grand gestures; often, it’s the consistent, impactful acts of micro courage that illuminate the path forward in times of seismic shifts.

Are you ready to navigate the challenges of our rapidly changing world with courage and conviction? How can you ensure your organization remains resilient amidst unprecedented shifts?

In this riveting season 2, episode 4 of The Seismic Shift podcast, I engaged in a captivating conversation with CB Bowman-Ottomanelli, a beacon of leadership wisdom. CB is gearing up to release her insightful book, Courage to Leap & Lead. Our dialogue centered on the essence of courageous leadership amidst today’s transformative challenges.

CB spotlighted the seven pandemics reshaping our world, from COVID-19 and social injustices to economic shifts, climate concerns, mental health, and evolving workforce attitudes. She shed light on the complexities leaders face in a cancel culture, emphasizing the importance of authenticity and empathy.

A pivotal moment in our conversation was CB’s introduction of “micro courage.” Instead of grand gestures, CB underscores the power of consistent, impactful acts—emphasizing daily choices, empathy, and connections that collectively drive change.

I was deeply inspired by CB’s insights into fostering trust through connection and empathy within organizations. She underscores the value of unity and authenticity, highlighting the role of illuminators—leaders who champion genuine connections, nurturing trust and collaboration.

Join me and CB in embracing the call to lead courageously, illuminate pathways, and shape a future where leadership transcends challenges, fostering cultures of trust, empathy, and authentic connection.

CB Bowman is a renowned figure in executive coaching, having founded the ACEC (Association of Corporate Executive Coaches™) and the MEECO Leadership Institute™. With ACEC, she introduced rigorous credentialing and accountability metrics for top-tier coaches. As a certified board member, CB emphasizes pro bono work and continuing education. She champions master-level corporate coaches as enterprise-wide business partners™ and hosts the impactful MEECO Leadership Conferences, honoring organizations like Ford Motor Company and Mayo Clinic. Previously leading branding for General Foods, she managed iconic cereals and frozen food lines. CB holds an MBA from Pace University, contributes to coaching literature, and specializes in Executive Post Traumatic Stress Disorder©.

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Season 2, Episode 4