Becoming Fluent in The Language of Leadership

Scroll through the database of the United States Patent and Trademark Office and you will come across some absolutely amazing things that have enhanced or revolutionized how we live. But one invention that changed the course of humanity forever will not be found there or in any other patent department around the world.

It can be argued that communication, language, is the greatest invention in all of human history. It is the foundation of how we interact with each other and advance, further evolving to a future that previous generations would be astounded by witnessing.

One significant part of communication is the language of leadership — how we inspire others to do what needs to be done and live our lives. The language of leadership can seem complicated but at its core, it is about connecting with people on a fundamental level. The language of leadership is all about connection.

Michelle K. Johnston, PhD., author and professor of management at Loyola University in New Orleans, sits down with Mike Hauge, host of the Language of Leadership podcast.

The Language of Leadership Podcast provides teenagers with access to great role models and leaders. Through weekly episodes, host Mike Hauge interviews a diverse set of leaders from all walks of life. Listen in to be delighted and inspired!

In this episode, they discuss Dr. Johnston’s book, The Seismic Shift in Leadership: How to Thrive in a New Era of Connection, and how true leaders achieve results through meaningful connection.